Photo by Matteo Favero

Nicola Serra is an Italian born musician, producer and sound engineer based in London. His practice ranges from live performances to studio works and curatorial projects.

Nicola is also an Electronic Music Production and Performance lecturer at Point Blank Music School. He’s currently studying MMus Sonic Arts at Goldsmiths University.

Active in the DIY electronic scene since 2013, Nicola’s music explores experimental approaches in electronic music, blending different genres and musical styles such as noise, drone, ambient, electroacoustic, extreme metal among others. He extensively studied drums and percussions, and for several years he performed in Nasov, among others bands.

He’s the founder and curator of Dronica, renowned East-London DIY experimental sound-art festival, which has been featured over the years on established press and radio stations such as The Wire, NTS, Resonance FM, Threads Radio, Radar Radio, Battiti Radio 3 to name a few.

He’s also the curator and resident artist of Ritualtronics, an ongoing musical project and ethnographic research which covers folklore and pagan mysteries, showcasing artists who are exploring these themes. In January 2020, before Covid-19 pandemic, he launched Trials & Errors, a new small series of experimental nights, at IKLECTIK in London.

Since 2017, Nicola has curated over 40 Dronica monthly radio shows on Resonance Extra, showcasing more than hundred works by UK and International artists.

In 2021 he curated ‘Dronica meets’ new series in which every month other event curators, venues art directors or labels owners took over the show. Guests included curators from established International venues and festivals such as IKLECTIK, Cafe OTO, SET Tehran, Klang, Magia Roja and Whitechapel Gallery Presents.

In 2019 he co-produced ‘N19 9ES – three years of Dronica‘ with long time collaborators, Rome’s record label Pseudomagica and London-based photographer and video artist, Matteo Favero. A self-produced photo-booklet and audio cd compilation, a tribute to the polymorphic, alternative art scene that has revolved around the Dronica festival over the past few years. 

Nicola also performed across Europe in countries including Italy, Spain, Germany and England and he exhibited in international festivals and venues such as Ugly Duck (London, UK), St John’s on Bethnal Green (London, UK), Iklectik (London, UK), Modern Bon Festival (Berlin, DE), Hangar 49 (Berlin, DE), Urban Spree (Berlin, DE), Magja Roja (Barcelona, ES) among others. His music appeared on the following labels: Opal Tapes (UK), Industrial Coast (UK), Aurora Borealis (UK), An Trinse (UK), Stochastic Resonance (IT), Borders Of Known (GE), Modern Bon (DE), Amek Collective (BG), among others.

His works aired on the following radio stations and platforms: Threads Radio, NTS, Noods Radio, Camp FR, CITR, Tesla FM, 199 Radio, Bleep, Radio 3 among others.