Il Santo Bevitore is Nicola’s main stage name and solo project. He performed across Europe in countries including Italy, Spain, Germany and England.

As Il Santo Bevitore also appeared on the following labels: Opal Tapes (UK), Industrial Coast (UK), Aurora Borealis (UK), An Trinse (UK), Stochastic Resonance (IT), Champion Version (UK), Borders Of Known (GE), Modern Bon (DE) and Attenuation Circuit (DE).

“The variety of instruments and their diverse sources create an exceptional depth of space, into which the listener is alluringly grabbed into at first, to be then dragged dead later ahead.” The Quietus

“… the tape reflects on Serra’s home country, and the jumps between beauty and harshness draw an outline of uneasy interactions. In effect, it becomes a Proustian nightmare, as if Serra’s reflections on home are triggering a deluge of violently juxtaposed memories.” The Quietus

“Like a soundtrack to a film that never was, Water And Tears is a real work of art by an artist enamoured by the endless possibilities of sound.” Louder Than War

“On the new tape “Water and Tears”, the composer and multi-instrumentalist Nicola Serra, who performs as Il Santo Bevitore, has created a world of stark contrasts made up of synths, samples and acoustic instruments, with all sorts of questionable debris in the corners providing orientation to a challenge and it always seems as if calm and turmoil are working out a strange conflict, weaving together a tragic narrative.” African Paper

“Although Il Santo Bevitore’s work would be interesting even if its soundscapes were put together from a random assortment of influences, the fact that the music reflects a consistent engagement with a particular cultural legacy takes it to another level.” The Battleground

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Photo by David Wiggins (SwedenRockFoto)