New collaboration with Jose Macabra

I am very excited to announce a new collaboration with Jose Macabra. Hopefully you will hear something out of this very soon.

Jose Macabra aka Jose Rivas (BA Sound Arts, UAL/ MA Fine Art, Kent University) is an artist, sound designer, radio DJ/podcast maker, curator and Sound Arts & Design lecturer at LCC. Jose’s work nourishes from many influences, from the industrial and noise panoramas, together with a legion of related genres such as ritual and the darker flavours of techno, blended with sound art, soundscape, art brut and experimental music.

Jose has worked with and for Ernesto Tomasini, Ron Athey, HR. Giger, Sally Mann, FFIN DANCE Company, UCL, UAL, The Dream Corporation, Unite the Union, and Christian Duka to name a few.

Jose Macabra’s work has been performed in art establishment venues including Barbican, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool, BFI, The Photographer’s Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts and Kent University. Works involving Jose’s sound design have toured major festivals in Madrid, Berlin, Athens, Brussels, Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon, Manchester, Liverpool and other cultural centres.

Jose’s research interests include noise music, improvisation, sound art performance, queer studies, ritual, collective practice, altered states of consciousness, film, surrealism, automatic writing, spatial sound and artificial soundscapes.