IlSantoBevitore’s new album ‘Water And Tears’ is finally ready, and hopefully coming soon

Water and Tears is a testimony of vibrations, ethnographic research and technical exploration assembled over 24 dedicated months. Collaboration and documentation form a visceral and beguiling statement of cathartic explosion. This album continues the journeying of worlds created by established artist Il Santo Bevitore, but also produces a new level of experiential fooding. One which submerges the listener but also allows them to explore the textures, spaces and inescapable distortions of sound and concept. Reality becomes reverie.

Il Santo Bevitore operates as an artist committed to pushing boundaries, not purely mechanical or academic but dedicatedly conceptual and visionary. He takes inspiration from his homeland, the island of Sardinia, it’s ancestral pagan past, its people and their echo’s.

Nicola approaches sound much like a painter approaches their canvas. In his world tone is surface, vibration becomes emotion. History is shared through a narrative of instrumental arrangement inspired and connected to the agriculture and inhabitants of his homeland. The pain and loss of ‘Panas’, women lost via childbirth, amongst other themes are explored as part of a wider collaboration with various multi-talented artists. The end result is another place altogether.

(Words by Dan Allison)