Handful of second half 2022 dates as Il Santo Bevitore!

28/8 Dark Alchemy at the Crown II, Bristol (UK)
07/9 Inaudito_Errante at Beat Goes On!!, Sant’Antioco (IT)
08/9 Inaudito_Errante at Oliveto Sinergico, San Sperate (IT)
10/9 Live at Nasprias Cave (Trasponsonic), Macomer (IT)
08/10 The Judgement Hall Festival, The Old Baths, London (UK)
25/11 Chaos Theory, supporting The Tangerine Cat, at The Black Heart Camden, London (UK)
01/12 Opal Tapes, supporting Jessica Moss (Constellation) at Lubber Fiend, Newcastle (UK)

Thanks a lot to all promoters/curators 🙏🙏