IlSantoBevitore – Water And Tears out today on tapes and digital via Opal Tapes.

You can now pre-order your tape. Head over to Opal Tapes bandcamp!

“Stunning nth-world gear from Il Santo Bevitore on this Opal Tapes debut. Written in homage to multi-instrumentalist composer Nicola Serras’ home country of Sardinia. ‘Water & Tears’ remembers this Island through a sometimes beautiful and often harrowing series of vignettes and clusters of looping sound pulling from a wide range of influence.

We hear Bryn Jones’ Muslimgauze, Current 93, Shackleton, Cold Meat Industrialism, depraved screams, glittering ambient and lurid, hot rock hallucinations enwombed in malodorous wood wind and bone forms.

Over 12 tracks Serra paints a picture of a country entrenched in an “old-tyme” middle earth mysticism which can’t quite be reconnected to. The electronics of the record repel away from the folk traditionalism. Cauterising and book ending location, time and memory.

Nicola Serra, born in Sardinia Island, is a London-based musician, aka Il Santo Bevitore, who besides his music practice curates Dronica festival (famous for its peculiar location at the Old Church in Stoke Newington, North London).”

I would not be able to make this record if it weren’t for my family, friends and collaborators.

I would like to shout out the artists who contributed to the record: CerpintxtNomorewillroamUrban FeralSimone SalvaticiAl VomanoThomas Stone, Rick JensenLuxulDavide Chessa and Dan Allison.

Nomorewillroam for mixing the album, and Master Your Track for taking care of the mastering.

A special thanks to my brother Antonio Serra (Pseudomagica), Nomorewillroam and Scual for lending me their ears in the making. Dan Allison (BAG) again for the words for the press kit.

There’s a lot of work to do and new music to make.

Last but not least, thanks Opal Tapes and Stephen for the trust ❤️